Advaita Vedanta – Philosophy of Oneness


Advaita Vedanta is one of the oldest schools of Indian philosophy. It was strengthened immensely by the teachings of Shri Shankaracharya in the eight century, but its roots go to far more ancient times, right to the Vedic age.

The Vedantas or the Upanishads are a part of the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of Hinduism. There are three schools of philosophy based on the Vedantas, the Dvaita, Vishista-dvaita and A-dvaita.

Dvaita is the dualistic school of Indian philosophy. In this, God and the universe are two entirely separate realities, God has created the universe and all humans and hence humans have a lower level of existence than God.

Vishista-dvaita is the philosophy of qualified monoism. In this also, God has created the universe and all humans, but they were created out of God himself, out of His own Divine substance. Therefore, here, all humans also have a divine origin and are a part of God, though having a separate reality.

The third and most intellectually strong school is the Advaita Vedanta philosophy of monism. Here, the universe has no separate reality at all. This does not mean that the Universe does not exist, but that it has no absolute reality, its reality is of the nature of Maya, it is only relatively real, that is, its reality is ambiguous. It is only God, which here is called Brahman or the Oneness, which has true reality. For humans also, our individual consciousness has no absolute reality, our individual identity is only relatively real, and it is only the Brahman or Oneness which lies at the root of our consciousness, which is real.

The difference with Vishista-dvaita is that in Vishista-dvaita, the universe and humans also are considered to be real though a part of God, but in Advaita Vedanta philosophy, the universe and our consciousness is not considered real in itself and it is only the Oneness which lies at our base, both the base of the universe and our individual consciousness, which is real.

There is hence no question of creation or divine intervention in case of Advaita Vedanta philosophy. The Brahman or Oneness is an immanent principle only, it gives reality to the world which would not exist without it. The world has arisen from it because of the cycle of expansion and contraction through which the universe moves, and this cycle is a natural cycle which is neither willed nor controlled.

Advaita Vedanta gives a goal for our spirituality because it says that the Brahman or Oneness lies at the root of our consciousness. It then becomes possible to ‘see’ or ‘experience’ the state of Brahman by seeing into our consciousness. This is done through Yoga.

The Advaitist can follow different paths of Yoga, like Raja, Gyan, Karma or Bhakti Yoga. But the ultimate goal is always the same, to become one and merge with the Oneness of Brahman. This mystical experience is the supreme goal of the path of Advaita Vedanta philosophy.

Advaita Vedanta is an immensely strengthening and ennobling path. It says directly to us that we are right now at this moment the Truth of the universe itself. There is none higher than us who can guide us or control us. We are already the highest power possible, and we need only realize this to attain the complete freedom that we all thirst for.


Occult Organics – The New Spiritual Philosophy For The Age of Aquarius


Occult Organics The New Spiritual Philosophy

Now that we have entered a new age called “Aquarius” with its new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics we also need a new spiritual philosophy. We have one, it is called “Occult Organics.”

The simplicity of the word “Organics” used in this context means ‘life’. Our new Spiritual Philosophy of Organics will be the “Philosophy of Life.” Occult Organics is the Philosophy of Our Secret Life.

When one age ends, that has lasted 2000 years, and another one has begun that will last the next 2000 years there is always an overlapping of the energies of the two ages.

This overlapping lasts about 200 years. This means that for the next 200 years or so mankind will see and feel the disintegrating of all of the structures and forms built and sustained by the energies of the Age of Pisces.

Those who have eyes can see this happening now.

And for the first 200 years of the Age of Aquarius there will be no, or very little structures or forms to follow. They have to all be built.

Spiritual Philosophy of Occult Organics is one of these new structures and it has a history behind it.

In the dying decades of the Age of Pisces there have always been pioneers who tried to herald in the new Age of Aquarius.

Their voices were very rarely heard. But they did manage to put in place some of the cornerstones for the new Age of Aquarius.

Organics has its pioneers as well. Mazumbda, Vitvan and I.F. are three of the pioneering masters who placed the cornerstone of Organics in place.

Myself, the writer of these articles is a continuation of that trio. My task is to get out what they started into a modern day language that will be understood during the Age of Aquarius and the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

The Spiritual Occult Philosophy of Organics is not for everyone. It is written for the 5% of humanity who wail become the ‘yeast’ of the new wave of inflowing souls.

This 5% will help keep humanities level of consciousness above the low water mark thus ensuring the survival of the race as a whole.

Three times before, in modern times, man’s consciousness has dipped below the low water mark.

Three times before man has been massively destroyed with only a ‘seed group’ left to rebuild and help the new incoming wave of humanity.

Ever hear of Atlantis, Hyperboria, and Mu? Just to name a few of the more modern end times.

Even our Native Americans understood that three times before Mother Earth shrugged and destroyed all those with bad hearts.

So, I write for the 5% who will help the incoming souls of the Age of Aquarius whether or not the billions of souls of the Age of Pisces survive or not.

Spiritual Philosophy of Occult Organics is a life line from the higher for those who wish to hang on and survive what is coming. It is coming!

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The Secret Business Philosophy For Survival in Hard Times – Rigidly Flexible and Flexibly Rigid


A stiff bough breaks in the winds of change.    

If you have ever watched a large healthy tree weather a storm, you will note that while the trunk is relatively rigid, it remains flexible.  The smaller branches, likewise, sway gently with the wind.  Unless the storm is so severe that it destroys everything in its path, the tree comes through with some minor damage but mostly in tact.  The tree’s “secret” is to be rigidly flexible and flexibly rigid.  A sick or dying tree soon breaks and expires.  

The analogy of the tree is the key to business survival, especially in the storm of hard economic times.  The bigger the storm the more the company must remain rigidly flexible and flexibly rigid in order to survive.  The most successful companies have learned well how to do this.  

A company must first have a core to which it is always committed.  The term rigid means unable to be changed. It must rely on this core to be the stabilizing force upon which to keep the company grounded.  It is this core that will hold the company together in hard times.  The company must be rigid.  

Yet, in order to continue to thrive a company must also be flexible, bending without breaking.  As in nature the key to survival is adaptation.  It is this flexibility that allows the company to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers without breaking, to adapt.

The world of business is dynamic.  Companies that remain static are generally short-lived no matter how successful they may be at a given time.  It is one thing to be first, but it is quite another thing to stay there.  

To many, the “Bowmar Brain” is synonymous with the early pocket electronic calculator.  It was the first.  In the mid-1970s, as the calculator boom was in full swing, Bowmar could not get enough integrated circuit chips from their suppliers and could not keep pace with the marketplace in low cost and new features.  By 1976 the company had gone bankrupt.  Simply put, they were not flexible enough to adapt.  

Ironically, some of Bowmar’s employees saw what was coming, but no one bothered to survey the employees for information.  In hindsight had leaders of the company been astute enough to look within, the results may have been dramatically different.  

What do your employees know about your company that you don’t?   

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