Health Fitness – Feeling Better and Living Longer

If you ask anybody if they want to live longer and live a life that is full of health and vitality then, the common answer would be yes. They would be mad to say no. However, it is strange that most people who answer yes actually choose a lifestyle that goes against living a long and healthy life. Many people acquire bad habits that make their lives less healthy and less enjoyable.It is now widely known and understood through medical science and research that developing a healthy lifestyle with plenty of regular exercise has many benefits to the quality of our lives. A healthy lifestyle reduces the fat around our bellies, it provides clarity of mind, gives us the energy and vitality we need to live and experience a full and varied life.Regular exercise helps us live longer and better. It reduces the risk of deadly disease such as coronary heart disease, cancer and chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Regular exercise combined with eating a healthy diet can help slow down the ageing process.The above information is not a secret, it is not unknown or hidden from us. We know this but why do so many people continue to do the opposite and not take the necessary steps to get their health and vitality back on track.There are many reasons for this but a lot of it has to do with the changes to society. After the Second World War there were many changes that have influenced the lives we lead today. Two main changes was the rise of mass production of processed foods and technology. We consume more processed and packaged foods now that we have ever done before. People are eating less fresh natural foods which provided the essential nutrients and vitamins the body needs to remain healthy.Technology has made our lives more comfortable but at a cost. The rise of the computer and auto-mobile has cut out the need to exert ourselves physically that many people hardly move any more. These conveniences have created more free time for people but most people prefer to use that free time lying on the couch watching TV while eating a tub of ice cream.We can blame it on technology but the real blame lies with us. It is our choice to live a certain lifestyle. Although it is not easy to change, the thing is you can change because most of it is to do with our habits. With habits we can change them to improve our health and our lives.Always consult with your physicians if you have a health condition or food allergy before changing or doing any form of new exercise or diet.

Philosophical Fiction


I have started a new genre of writing called as Philosophical Fiction. Philosophical Fiction represents the savory Biryani (rice mixed with meat and vegetables. Philosophical Fiction aims to created an art-novel with dissemination of ideas. In one sense, it is a written painting with the splurge of colors that are encompassed by a maverick novelist.. Tropes in the novel bear a highest degree of art. Some tropes used are metaphors, similes, metonyms, synecdoche, oxymoron, zeugma, rhetorical question and many others forms. Some examples are: Picasso howls on a Cubist canvas. Beethoven melodies electric sandwiches. Beauty thy figure is a trope. The students filtered out of the classroom in hullaballoo. Marx’s religion is dead. The sea is tranquil and violent. Pearls twinkled in the sky. Both James and his religion died. The warlock’s earrings twinkled like a bell. Oh Democracy: what crimes are committed in thy name. Shame is fractured in a skin that’s repentant.

Again Philosophical Fiction distills ideas. Here I am starting from the Existential Philosophy of atheistic nihilism. For them life has no meaning and living is a chaotic absurdity. I am creating in my fiction a philosophy called as value ontology. I affirm that life has a meaning and purpose and we are living and leading our lives as purposists with a philosophy of Valuablelization. I shift my ontological perspectives to a constructivism. I adhere to the view of life being preciousness.

Again Philosophical encompasses character sketches. Character sketches are resonances of the soul. Yes, Characters indulge in the libidinal beauty of the soul. Characters leave ashes of existential fetishes. Characters are liberated narcissists. In Philosophical fiction character’s inner consciousness is given more importance and purpose. Characters dance in the eclecticism of the pen. Little value is given to physical looks.

Plot in fiction belongs to the old genre of fiction the who -done -it novels. There are only two plots in fiction, one a narrative plot and the other a symbolic plot. In a narrative plot the reader knows what is happening but the characters don’t. In a symbolic plot, the readers are kept in the dark and learn to identify the plot in the end

The narrative device which is popular in Philosophical Fiction is the streams of consciousness dialogue. Everyday incidents and trivialities are narrated with the style of epiphany. Here is an example: Oh Psyche-your wings are in celestial rhythm-how you dance, a soul come alive-you are a monument of beauty-you are a symphony come true-there now you perch on tree-what profound thoughts of beauty, you generate-you dance for the soul to delight-you offspring of poems-you music of prose-you are angel forming a pulchritude to the eyes-I am gazing at you- I am filled with joy and my passions running high.


Applying Eastern Philosophy To Help You Find Inner-Peace And Happiness – Part 1


Have you ever stopped to question if and how you could live a life that was more meaningful? Do you seek inner-peace, happiness and a sense of fulfillment?

Of course you have! Everyone asks these questions at some point in their lives. The problem for most is they have become to accustomed to the Western way of living!

We live in an age where technology does the thinking for us, where we never really stop and take the time to seek fulfillment and peace.

Essentially we have lost that connection with ourselves, others and even planet Earth and the universe that are the gate-keepers to all life! If you seek a deeper understanding of life, yourself and a deeper sense of spirituality then Eastern philosophy may aid you in your quest.

Eastern philosophy dates back thousands of years and offers a traditional yet for many a new approach to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of life with its unique spiritual approach to self-consciousness and awareness.

It’s not strictly religion based although there are spiritual groups based on these beliefs such as Buddhism. Basically anyone can apply Eastern philosophy in their lives regardless or sex, race, religion or belief system.

I myself am Zen Buddhist by choosing yet I follow no form of religion, I am atheist so to speak. Eastern spiritual practices aren’t mandatory, people can apply theses philosophies and beliefs in their own life at their own choosing and discretion.

A deeper Understanding Of Eastern Philosophy

Are you familiar with the term “Enlightenment“?

“Enlightenment” is an ancient Eastern philosophy that carries significant meaning in certain cultures. It is also well known throughout Western civilization and has been referenced in many books and writings.

The term enlightenment itself is a state of being that very few people actually achieve! Anyone considered to be “enlightened” is said to have experienced a spiritual awakening and to be at a state of content and peace with both their-selves and others.

The Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was one of few who reached enlightenment and it was from his teachings that enlightenment became more widespread and slowly introduced into the Western world.

There are many individuals (including myself) who follow the teachings of the Buddha with the intent and purpose of becoming ever more enlightened.

Walking the path to enlightenment is very much a personal and spiritual journey that is different for everyone. We all have different ideologies of peace and fulfillment which is why Eastern philosophy can aid anyone.

When it comes to applying Eastern Philosophy there are many teachings and practices one can learn but the most widely recognized in the Western world is (in my opinion) meditation and natural healing. Karma also has its roots in Eastern traditions and is likewise recognized in the Western world.

Applying these philosophies in your own life can help you seek that inner-peace, happiness and sense of fulfillment we all desire. Even just a basic understanding of these philosophies can help you live more enriched life.