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Combining The Law of Attraction and The Law of Vibration

The Law of Attraction became very popular after the release of the movie- The Secret in 2006, but it has been around as far back as mankind itself. Rhonda Byrne actually made it more understandable to a larger audience. Because of the way it was delivered, a lot of people didn’t get the full picture of it. That is why you have a lot of critics of the movie. But, it was clearly started their in the movie, as I remember, by Esther Hick, that you have to pay attention to your emotions if you want the law to work in your life. Paying attention to your emotions is where The Law of Vibration comes in. Personally, I do believe the movie is complete… at least for beginners wanting to learn about The Law of Attraction.

While The Law of Attraction can be said to be that we attract to ourselves everything related to our dominant thoughts- The law of vibrations states that we get back whatever vibe we put out. What this means is that if you are constantly putting out negative vibes, you would get nothing but negativity in return. If you dwell continuously on the negative situations in your life, you would get more negative situations in your life… But if you can only switch to a positive emotion… to a positive vibe, then you would automatically start getting situations that are positive in nature in your life. Your destiny really is in your hands. You determine whatever you get in life. Your thoughts do create your reality, but the emotions you are constantly in vibrate it into being.

So, what you need to do is combine these two laws (the law of attraction & the law of vibration), and you can create whatever kind of life you want. It might be a lot of work at first, but with time, you would get used to it. And once you start seeing results, you would know it really works, and be encouraged to keep at it. Before I understood this, I used to always get frustrated when I thought good thoughts all day, all week, and I never got what I was wishing for. I started doubting The Law of Attraction. And then I furthered my research and came across the law of vibration. When I tested it, it worked like magic.

I had been having a pretty bad day, and nothing was working out. I needed some money, but it was the weekends, and I never get customers for the kind of business I do on weekends. I decided to practice what I had just learned. I took out 10 minutes to visualize on money coming my way. And afterwards, I made sure I gave off only positive vibes. I listened to my favorite kind of music; I laughed for no reason, till I started laughing at myself; I played with my little nephew, and about an hour into all that, I got a phone call from a customer. He said he needed my product, and couldn’t wait till the weekdays, and he asked if he could come over to my house. I gave him directions, and he was knocking on my door 20 minutes later; cash in hand.

I feel, if mastered, combining The Law of Attraction and The Law of Vibration can result in a science of getting whatever you want. Why I relate it to a science is that, if practiced together, it can give positive results all the time; whether you a Christian, Muslim, or a Buddhist: Or whether you are black, white, in Africa or in America.